Monday, February 15, 2010

All About Spelling

I wanted to start a spelling program before fall but Spelling Workout A covers some phonics that K hasn't had yet in OPGTR (Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading). I also wanted to have some sort of phonics review.

Instead of buying 2 different programs, I came across All About Spelling.  Not only is it a wonderful, THOROUGH spelling program that is easy and fun - it is a phonics review as well!  Level 1 covers things K will be able to do so we ordered it and starting it next week.  She is enthused about using the color-coded letter tiles and we did a sample lesson already and K is so excited!

If you click through any of my links on this post or here and purchase the program, I will receive compensation for referring you.  ;-)

I plan on doing reviews of the program as we go along but from what others have said that have used it - its awesome!!


  1. bev.. your blog is just beautiful. and so helpful..
    I wish I knew some new homeschoolers to send your way .

    thanks for cking mine too..
    always nice to have friends like you :_)
    if you don't have an Avon lady.. ck out my online store :-)