Monday, February 15, 2010

Memoria Press New American Cursive

*Update to this post - read our experience with starting cursive early and why we put it back on the shelf for later.

I was going to wait till the middle of 2nd grade or start of 3rd grade to teach K cursive handwriting but she kept insisting and I had read many articles on the benefits of starting it early (some research even says its better to do it before manuscript).  Since K's manuscript is very neat and well practiced, I decided to give into her desires and order Memoria Press' New American Cursive program.  Mr. Meerkat was K's motivation to choose this program lol.  I got the complete package - Books 1&2, desktop strip and the StartWrite NAC software to make my own copywork for her in cursive!

The reasons I chose the New American cursive are:
  • Modern, clean look 
  • Not so loopy as other cursive
  • Lightly slanted - which is easier for a left hander
  • It starts on 1st grade paper
  • The StartWrite software is exceptional and will allow me to make NAC copywork with KJV scripture 
  • Memoria Press is one of my favorite publishers 
Here is the NAC alphabet so you can see the lovely cleanness of the style!

In the meantime, I got out a dry erase cursive board I had purchased a few years ago and saved.  You may remember we used the same boards for manuscript in my post here.  Without my instruction or help, K did the entire alphabet last night and I thought it was pretty good for her first time!

Note: These below are not New American cursive style

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