Friday, February 26, 2010

K's Completed Reading List

This list only contains readers that K read by herself, not ones we read to her (which would be too many to list anyway lol).  Here is what she has read aloud to us so far:

Bob Books Set 1 (12 readers)
Bob Books Set 2 (12 readers)

Abeka Little Owl Books 1 & 2

Modern Curriculum Press, Phonics Practice Readers
Series A, Set 1 (10 readers)
Series B, Set 1 (10 readers)
Series C, Set 1 (10 readers)

She has also read the sentences/paragraphs daily in the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading, which is our phonics instruction curriculum and THE BEST in my honest opinion! I actually went back over the lessons we have finished and added up the sentences she has read 365 sentences in the OPGTR!  365 sentences would amount to a lot of readers.  Not to mention all the many, many words in each lesson!  The way OPGTR is set up, the child doesn't need additional readers because they get enough already in each lesson but I wanted K to love reading and she has and wants to read more than just the lesson requires.  The OPGTR provided a list of additional readers and when the child would be able to read them after what lesson - it was a great help.  Email me for a copy if you would like as it is no longer online.

So to date, she has read 56 books and 365 sentences from OPGTR!  So excited that her reading finally took off when we switched from Hooked on Phonics to Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading.  It is the most complete phonics/reading curriculum that I know of and at the end of the book, she will be on a 4th grade reading level!!  We have slated completion of the course for October!  She is currently mid-1st grade level in reading and will reach 2nd grade reading level in a few weeks!! 

I will update this post in September to show her complete Kindergarten reading list.  I was just so excited about this and wanted to show others that the OPGTR works!  I highly recommend it!