Thursday, January 28, 2010

End of January - History Update

We are loving "The Story of the World" for our history.  We had taken time off of science and history and returned to them the past 2 weeks.  I have to say that I absolutely love history!  What better way to learn history than in chronological order and with fun hands-on activities. 

How I teach it is, we read the chapter from the book and then do a narration, questions and the color page or activity provided for that lesson in our SOTW activity book.  The next day, my daughter listens to Jim Weiss read the chapter and she pays close attention because right after she listens to the audio, we have the test.  Then, we do the hands-on crafts the next few days pertaining to that chapter. 

We have been learning about Ancient Egypt and are planning an "Egypt party" next week - were we will dress up like an Egyptian, eat ancient Egyptian food and do a fun craft. 

My daughter has been loving writing in hieroglyphics and tomorrow she will be writing cuneiform on a clay tablet that we will bake.  Then we are going to make a hieroglyphics scroll.  Next week will be the making of the mummy, senet game, and a pyramid.


  1. I am excited to visit your blog. I hopped over from Crissy's Blog. Thanks for sharing about your history. I was wanting to know if this is a mulitlevel history?

    I have heard good reviews of SOTW.
    I am so excited to check the rest of your blog.

  2. I'm assuming you are asking if it has more than one level or volume? Story of the World has 4 volumes for 4 years of study. The first one is what we are doing - Ancient Times.

  3. I like the way you are teaching!
    I wish we knew about homeschooling when Roc was your daughters age because I can just imagine how much FUN we would have!!! We still have fun at times but he is 11 and you know how it is at a younger age...its cuuuuuuute :):)

  4. Thanks Candy! :) It's working really for us and we are having fun!!