Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Astronomy - The Sun; Part 1

Lesson 2 of Apologia's Astronomy is about the sun.  We divided the material into two sections - and this post covers mostly the first section (sun facts, solar flares, sunspots, auroras).  We use the Apologia Astronomy notebooking to supplement our lessons and below is a short video clip of what we have done so far in our notebooking.

Other activities that go along with this lesson:
  1. Sun booklet -awesome online book with links to pictures at the end for auroras, solar flares, etc.
  2. Various links on the sun
  3. How the Sun Works articles, pics, etc.
  4. All about the Sun for kids - has photos, vids, etc

Why Does the Sun Shine - Song
You can get the lyrics and music here or sing along with the video below:

Videos that can go with this lesson:

- Hundreds of videos HERE

- We watched "Bill Nye the Science Guy - The Sun"

Other Links:
National Solar Observatory
Stanford Solar Center
Sun and Solar Physics
Big Bear Solar Observatory
Solar Science
Sun-Earth Day


  1. How great are all those science videos for kids! Im going to have to come back and let Roc come back to watch these later!

  2. There are so many resources online its crazy lol! You could really do homeschool free from the internet - they even have free printable lesson plans. Amazing huh? :)