Friday, January 22, 2010

Email Subscriptions

I've added a new feature on my sidebar - email subscriptions.  If you enter your email address and follow the instructions to sign up, you will get an email updating you as to when I post next. 


  1. Hello Bev,
    Love what you have done with your blog. I signed up for eml updates :-) I hate not seeing what's going on with you and yours.

    May God Continue to Bless and Keep you ALL :-)
    (Google wouldn't let me sing in that way !! ;0(

  2. Thanks Lisa! :) I've been having trouble with google as well on some blogs leaving comments.

  3. Hi Bev, I thought I'd mosey on over to this blog since you don't have the other one anymore. I'm so sorry that you're still sick, you poor dear. I will pray for you after I leave my comment. I hope this next week will be much better.

    I wanted to let you know that my grandchildren are all being homeschooled. In fact, I have one granddaughter who is the same age as your daughter and is also in first grade. :)

  4. Hey Sabine, thanks so much for stopping by! :) I had no way to get ahold of you to tell you I was taking my other blog down. It was just becoming too much for me to do lol. =0

    That is so great that your grandkids are being homeschooled - thanks for sharing and thanks for praying too!!