Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Astronomy Links Index

Here are links that you can use in your homeschool astronomy studies.  For each lesson in Apologia Astronomy we do, I hope to give you links specific to that lesson, this is just a general index of astronomy. There are so many links for astronomy, so I just gave a few and some of the links contain many other links within their website - especially the education programs.

Teach Space Science
Astronomy Resource Links 
StarChild - Young Astronomers
Kids Astronomy
Exploring the Planets
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Nine Planets
Kids Nine Planets
NASA Kids Space Place 
NASA Kids Club
Star Gazers
Space Themes
Usborne Astronomy Links
Astronomy and Space
Solar System Homeschool Tools
Kids Space Sites
Arty the Astronaunt
Solar Views
Astronomy Now Online
Astronomy Pic of the Day
Astronomy Resources
Night Sky Live
Goddard Science
Goddard Space Flight
NASA Education
NASA Space Kids
NASA Students

Space Suits Interactive Flash

Printable Cards
Solar System Trading Cards
Galaxy Trading Cards

Pacific Science Center
Space Camp
Starry Night Education Software


  1. We will be hitting on this soon. Thanks for the links.