Saturday, July 8, 2023

Z's 5th Grade Curriculum Plans

Here are the plans for Z's 5th grade year:

Bible - Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Reading - Assigned Book List; Fun Book List & Family Read-alouds
Math - Saxon Math 7/6
Grammar - Rod and Staff English 5; Our Mother Tongue
Writing - Killgallon's Sentence Composing & Paragraphs for Middle School; Writing and Rhetoric 3; Writing Strands (original edition)
Comprehension - Writing With Ease 3 & Abeka Read & Think Skill Sheets 5
Spelling - Spelling Workout G & H
Vocabulary - Wordly Wise (original edition); Memoria Press Roots of English

Logic - Building Thinking Skills Level 2 CD

Latin - Latina Christiana; Ludere Latine; Latin Cursive Copybook 

Greek - Memoria Press Elementary Greek I
Science - MasterBooks Life (Human body & Animals); Elementary Anatomy; Living Healthy
History - The Human Odyssey; Story of the World; The Good and the Beautiful
Art - Home Art Studio
Music - Piano lessons - Hoffman Academy

Z really progressed a lot this past year and he loves foreign language and wants to add in Spanish but I'm not sure I can do another foreign language when we have Latin and Greek going already BUT, he does do both of those by himself.  If I find he can do this next book of Greek by himself successfully, I will go ahead and add in a Spanish program.  He made me a list in order of languages he wants to learn: Latin, Greek, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew.  We actually have a local lady here that teaches homeschoolers Mandarin Chinese for a cost and I'm considering allowing him to do that in 6th grade.  He has an amazing ability with language and grammar is actually his favorite subject.  So, we will continue to follow his passions as we progress each year.

Occasionally we do some stories and narration work from Writing With Ease 3 and then some writing exercises with Writing Strands.  Z loves to write fiction and has an ongoing book going of animal and insect stories and begs to do Writing and Rhetoric.

Z will probably start Saxon Algebra 1/2 this year towards the end of the school year because he has already started 7/6 and is doing it periodically throughout the summer.  Math is his strong suit (along with grammar and foreign language) and he tested the highest possible on standardized testing.  So, he seems to be following in his sister's footsteps but at a faster pace!

We already did the plants section in MasterBooks Life, so we are going to spend a good amount of 5th grade studying anatomy!  Z is very interested in it and always has been, so I bought a lot of supplemental things as you can see in the pics below.

You can see my explanation of our history choices in this post:

Hoffman Academy piano lessons are amazing and Z really enjoys doing them and he is already on Unit 6 and he does them all by himself.  My daughter is currently teaching art since she is an art lover and she's using Home Art Studio but she also has a vast amount of art knowledge and loves doing it.

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