Sunday, July 9, 2023

How to Combine The Human Odyssey, SOTW and TGAB

I did a post on our new history and how well it went for 4th grade.  We are covering all years of history from ancient to modern using The Human Odyssey (THO), Story of the World (SOTW) and The Good and the Beautiful (TGAB).  I already owned THO and SOTW, so I had all those and even PDF versions of the SOTW activity guides so I could print any pages my son was interested in doing.

I bought TGAB, all 4 years, because they were discontinuing it and I also wanted the games.  I was also interested in trying out their historical fiction books and let me tell you - those are our absolute favorites!  It is so disappointing that they discontinued printing the reprints of these great books but we went ahead and bought all the ones we wanted that were available and we are enjoying reading them as a family and I'm saving them for my future grandkids.

Here are links to some of the tools I used to combine these histories together:

I used The Human Odyssey as our main spine and we always started reading it first and then we finished a certain time period, we then went on to SOTW and Z listened to all the audios of the chapters that pertained to that time period.  Lastly was TGAB and then we started all over again with the next time period.  Here is a sample of what I'm talking about:

Ancient Egypt:
- THO Chapters 8-9
- SOTW Chapters 2-4; 6; 11-14
- TGAB Year 1, Unit 1

It really does flow and we enjoyed the repetition.  TGAB is so expensive and you can only get 3 of the levels now looks like and they're discontinuing it, so if you don't already own it, it's ok and you can easily just do THO and SOTW together and that is more than enough.  We actually only loved the dramatized audios and historical fiction books from TGAB so far, and we haven't played the games yet, so I'm not sure about those.

If I ever get a lot of time, I'd like to create a complete PDF on how to use all 3 together like my sample above with books we read as well.  I will of course offer it for free on here.

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