Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Z's 5th Grade Botany

We decided to go with MasterBooks God's Design: Life for biology and started with botany in the first section, The World of Plants.  I added in YT videos, books and we did some of the activities in the curriculum as well.  I also used some lessons from The Good and the Beautiful Kingdoms and Classification and their Flower Study book and game.  We also read corresponding sections from the Smithsonian Visual Encyclopedia of the Plant Kingdom.  I think this is the absolute best book ever on botany for children, even for adults!

I love the 4D models and we thoroughly went over the plant and cell models.  We also did the carnivorous plants kit and it takes months for them to grow, so we are still waiting.  We also have a great place locally to learn about botany.  Since we did botany this past spring, we got to see a lot of the flowers bloom on the trees and seeds everywhere as well.

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