Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tailoring Curriculum to Your Child

K is actually not really any grade, I just say 1st grade for everyone else's understanding.  She is doing 2nd grade work, 3rd grade work and reading 4th-5th grade work and then she has some 1st grade work she is finishing up, so whatever "grade" that is, throw her in there.  I love using Classical Education because it is tailored to go at the child's pace and generally uses levels.

This is why boxed curriculum can cause a child to either fret or be bored.  Here is an example:  You buy the boxed 2nd grade curriculum set from somewhere like Bob Jones.  Your child isn't yet ready for 2nd grade writing and then 2nd grade math is way too easy for her.  So she is crying over the writing and then becoming bored with the math!  Enter any other scenarios here.  Boxed curriculum is just so unrealistic because I've yet to meet a child that is truly on level in ALL subjects at the same time!  Most children have strengths and weaknesses and boxed curriculum is not tailored to that.  You are in a hurry to finish up the whole grade of the boxed curriculum within that year, but what if your child isn't ready?  You are just going to push them on through for what benefit?  Yours or others?  Couldn't possibly be the child because if you really cared for them above all, you would not let them go on if they weren't ready in a particular subject and you would go on in subjects they are ready to move on in. 

Tailoring your curriculum to your child is what is so great about homeschooling!  You teach to your child's learning style, go at their pace in each subject and you don't have anyone over you telling you they must finish all subjects at a certain time and move on.  That is what is so wrong with public schools - children are either left behind or they are bored because its too easy for them.  If it isn't working in the public schools for most children, then why would you bring home their methods in homeschooling?


  1. I agree with you 100%. Alex is all over the place too, but I say 1st grade because it's easier than trying to explain.


  2. Tim Hawkins, a comedian, says he gets that question about what grade his son is in. He responds to them "The kid knows Greek but still eats bugs, what grade is that?" LOL! It's hilarious...