Sunday, June 19, 2011

2nd Grade Bible - Christian Studies 1

I thought I was decided on getting "Bible Study Guide for All Ages" but after looking back over Memoria Press' Christian Studies that we have, I've decided to go with that for 2nd grade.  It starts at a 3rd grade level but K is advanced in Bible than most and I believe she will do fine using it.  It also saves us a lot of money, as we already have the first Christian Studies.

I'm also incorporating Adam's huge historical/Biblical timeline into our study, which is something I've wanted for a while now for myself!  I'm going to make my own drills for K from some of the lists that are already in the Christian Studies 1 book.  I also like how they already include ancient maps in there and I plan to go more slowly through the book than when we used it orally in K and kind of flew through it because I didn't expect K to know half of the stuff in there then.

As I plan it all out this summer, I may also include the making of the tabernacle project, incorporating songs into each week's lessons that go along with the topic, and I'm also considering putting together a Bible lapbook for this coming year.  I'm sure there are many other ideas out there and I'm excited to learn and memorize more Bible facts right along with K!

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