Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr.

We followed the Dave Ramsey plan for several years and became debt-free following his program.  I highly recommend his methods and I also love how he uses the Bible, as the Bible itself teaches against covetousness, debt, etc.  We wanted to start teaching our daughter these things as well early on, so she will not make the same mistakes as us!  So we ordered Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr., which is for kids ages 3-12. 

It will teach them to work to get paid and then pay tithes to God or give to charity, save for something, and have some for spending.  You can read more on his website on what it includes and teaches here: http://www.daveramsey.com/store/kids-teens/Kids-3-12/financial-peace-jr-for-kids-ages-3-12-/prod112.html

He also offers a free fun website for kids called "Junior's Clubhouse" here: http://kids.daveramsey.com/  There are lots of fun games, paint, etc on there and my daughter loves it!


  1. I am planning on getting a kit for Alex soon.


  2. We are HUGE Dave Ramsey fans and are currently working to pay off our massive student loan debt. I can't wait to teach Titus about money using God's principle and FP Jr. I pray that our child(ren) do not make the same mistakes we did.

  3. Thanks for the comments Marie-Anne and Alicia! :) We are glad we came across Dave Ramsey a few years ago - we would probably still have issues with money if it wasn't for his no-nonsense talk lol!