Thursday, October 1, 2009

Adam & Eve and The Fall of Man

The second week we concentrated on teaching the fall of man with the story of Adam and Eve. I broke it up so it wasn't so much reading in one sitting but below is the summary for the week.
  1. Read story from KJV Bible - Genesis 2:3-3:24; ask questions
  2. Read story from Golden Children's Bible - pg.16-23; ask questions
  3. Find modern day Mesopotamia, Tigris and Euphrates rivers on map and globe
  4. Do crafts, worksheets and song related to story
  5. Watch video
For a craft we did Eve and the fruit tree with the serpent.  You can print it out for free here: pg1 and pg2.  My daughter loved it and she had already done it in children's church but she enjoyed doing it again for homeschool.

We also did the mini-book for Adam and Eve and you print that out for free in color here or black and white here.  For a larger mini-book go here.  For a complete index of coloring pages, crafts, games and more go here.  We watched more video covering Adam and Eve from the Beginner's Bible series.

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