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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Adam & Eve and The Fall of Man

The second week we concentrated on teaching the fall of man with the story of Adam and Eve. I broke it up so it wasn't so much reading in one sitting but below is the summary for the week.
  1. Read story from KJV Bible - Genesis 2:3-3:24; ask questions
  2. Read story from Golden Children's Bible - pg.16-23; ask questions
  3. Find modern day Mesopotamia, Tigris and Euphrates rivers on map and globe
  4. Do crafts, worksheets and song related to story
  5. Watch video
For a craft we did Eve and the fruit tree with the serpent.  You can print it out for free here: pg1 and pg2.  My daughter loved it and she had already done it in children's church but she enjoyed doing it again for homeschool.

We also did the minibook for Adam and Eve and you print that out for free in color here or black and white here.  For a larger minibook go here.  For a complete index of coloring pages, crafts, games and more go here.  We watched more video covering Adam and Eve from the Beginner's Bible series.

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