Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Z's 2nd Grade Assigned Reading List

This list consists of Z's independent assigned reading time during school-time. These are higher grade reading-level books intended to be a challenge and introduce new words.  He reads out aloud to me during this time and usually for 20 minutes.

For the stories by Osborne (Mary Pope Osborne), we own her book, "Favorite Medieval Tales" and it is excellent!  Medieval tales are gory and some of the pictures represent that but I believe the tales of heroism and bravery are much needed, especially for boys that want to be noble men.

  1. Beowulf - Osborne
  2. Song of Roland - Osborne
  3. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Osborne
  4. Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow - Souci
  5. Saint George and the Dragon - Hodges
  6. The Werewolf - Osborne
  7. Knights of the Round Table - Gross
  8. The Kitchen Knight: A Tale of King Arthur - Hodges

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