Monday, February 1, 2021

K's Standardized Testing Scores

K seems to always get 99 percentile in math every year and this year was no different!  (Thank you Art Reed and Saxon!)  She improved her scores in spelling and other reading/English sections too by a big amount, making her overall composite score 97 percentile and 9 stanine!  

The following table lists the meaning of each score:

9) Highest Level
8) High Level
7) Well Above Average

6) Slightly Above Average
5) Average
4) Slightly Below Average
3) Well Below Average
2) Low Level
1) Lowest Level

I'm living proof that you mother, can do it!  Don't let anyone make you feel you are inferior or don't have what it takes.  Put GOD FIRST and He will do the rest.  We made knowing God and the Bible the most important and everything else fell into place.  Seek Him first and don't chase success without Him!

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