Tuesday, December 4, 2018

When to Start Penmanship, Spelling & Grammar

Typically, you would start reading lessons first with The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.  However, with my son, he was already writing letters and numbers before I could even teach him penmanship, much less reading!  Having a gifted son has taught me a lot - the rules don't always apply to him!

I did lay off teaching spelling and grammar until his reading is at a certain level, but he's already started asking how to spell certain words, as he likes to write everything now.  I will see how long I can hold him off from these next steps but here is the general "normal" starting times for these subjects along with the OPGTR.

  • By Lesson 115 of the OPGTR, you can start penmanship and spelling
  • After Lesson 181, the child is ready for copywork (and lesson 42 in FLL1)
  • You can start First Language Lessons 1 after Lesson 140 of the OPGTR, but make sure you don't start lesson 42 in FLL1 until you've reached Lesson 181 in OPGTR.

These are the guidelines that were listed in an FAQ that is on longer available online but guess who has a PDF of it?  Yes, I do!  If you would like it, email me and I will send you a copy but the above is basically a summary of the FAQ.


  1. I tried to replay to the email you sent, but it was undeliverable. I am interested in the pdf. :-)

    1. I'm very sorry, my email subscription service is through a 3rd party, so there is no-reply. I forgot to put my email here on my blog, thanks for letting me know! My email is: ClassicallyHomeEducated (at) gmail(dot)com I put the word (at) and (com) to prevent bots from getting my email address, simply replace them with the @ and .