Saturday, March 7, 2015

6th Grade Language Arts - English, Latin, Reading, Writing, Spelling

For English, we are still in Rod and Staff English 5 but continuing on with R&S English 6 - we love this curriculum!  It also teaches writing, so we don't need a separate curriculum for writing.

In Spelling, we are finishing up the All About Spelling series with the last two books, AAS 6 & 7.  K will also be doing Spelling Workout E & F and possibly G & H.  Since we have been doing AAS, Spelling Workout is really just extra practice for her and she has been going through a lesson faster since we returned to it recently as an extra.

K is still doing Latina Christiana I since we took off time from Latin to focus on the main subjects while I was having health issues.  She will continue on with Latina Christiana II using the DVD teacher.

Reading for us is not a curriculum, it is a book list.  I plan on listing her 6th grade book list in another post, which I will link to here (if I remember!).  She will be reading books that correlate with Ancient History.  She writes full-page narrations after she reads each book and also reads in the evening.


  1. and...Too funny! I just bought Spelling Workout from Rainbow Resource last week.

    Sweet blessings on your year ahead.

  2. Great minds think alike LOL! ;-)

  3. I would love to hear more about how you use Latina Christiana. We have it but the video seems to take up a lot of time. How does a typical week using this curriculum look like in your home?

  4. The lesson does take a lot of time, so we plan for that on Monday - it is lesson day and my dd takes notes too and that is all for day 1. Then, she works on the review over 1 or 2 days and does flashcards and drill every day. We end the week with a quiz for that lesson. We don't add in the history portion in the book.

    Monday - Lesson & Notetaking
    Tuesday - Drill, flashcards & review
    Wednesday - Drill, flashcards & leftover review
    Thursday - Quiz, then flashcards

    Sometimes, she is motivated to do 2 lessons a week if they are super easy and then we add in Friday.