Thursday, February 12, 2015

K'nex Simple Machines Gears - Crank Fan

K is really enjoying physics and one of the recent projects she made was an crank fan from the K'nex Simple Machines Gears Kit.  She was so excited to start the kit and at first, the parts weren't fitting but she realized after going back over the directions, that she put something in the wrong place.  She was so excited to complete her fan and she learned so much about gears!

I highly recommend the kit, there are a total of 7 projects to build:  crank fan, car window, blender, phonograph, eggbeater, stationary bike and chainsaw.


  1. I've looked at K'nex but never purchased it. Glad to hear a recommendation from a mom. I know my boys would love this.

  2. I was the same and finally bought this Education kit and then realized how useful it was in teaching, thanks for the comment Gina! :-)