Saturday, September 21, 2013

Homeschooling With a Crawling Baby

We learned to homeschool during nap times but since my soon-to-be 10-month old is napping less now, we have had issues with homeschooling while he is awake.  We can put him in the pack n' play but it only lasts so long because it is such a small space.  We can also put him in his room with the gate at the door, but we have to check him a lot to make sure he isn't chewing the diapers (which he has done) or getting something else that we didn't think he would get into.

So, I needed a solution - some way to keep him in the homeschool room with us, but without access to the bookshelves.  There are too many openings between the kitchen and the living room, so gates wouldn't work and then I came across the SuperYard XT!  I had only seen pictures of it in an octagon shape but then I came across another mom who used it as a rectangle near her dining table.  AHA!  We got it today and even though it isn't secured on the ends, I think it will hold up to keep him in this space by the table while we school.  I do plan on taking down those posters and tacks on the wall.  It also folds up nicely and is portable.

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