Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Foundation of Latin = World of Possibilities

"In one century, we went from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to offering remedial English in college." ~ Joseph Sobran  

I've received a lot of scoffs since my daughter started taking Latin last year.  The normal response is why learn a dead language?  When I would try to explain why Latin is important and that English was based on it (80%), I still can't seem to convince some people that it is a worthy endeavor.

The path we are doing with our program is taking Latin for 10 years and at that time K will have reached scholar-level in Latin.  However, it doesn't stop there, there is a greater purpose for this FOUNDATION.  Not only will K have a full understanding of Latin, but she will also be able to learn many other languages easily because they are 90-95% based on Latin, such as: French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian and even Russian will be easier to learn.

There are endless possibilities when you have a Latin-scholar - multilingualism is an asset, not only in our world, but also for the cause of Christ!  I plan on also teaching my son in this path and who knows, maybe he will be able to be used by God to preach in many languages and countries!  I'd say that is a worthy endeavor!

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  1. Which Latin program are you using? We started a bit and stopped.

    1. We are using Memoria Press' Prima Latina and Latina Christiana and Katie loves it! We use the DVD teacher and that is her favorite part.