Friday, August 23, 2013

Thames & Kosmos Magnetic Science

We got Thames & Kosmos Magnetic Science experiment kit for when we start physics next year, but K just couldn't wait until then to explore magnets!

I would recommend this kit because it is very good quality and definitely not like some that are cheap and fall apart and don't have good, thick magnets in them.  I can see this lasting for many years and for Z when he is old enough to use them and any future children.  K spent about an hour exploring and reading through and doing some of the experiments and games in the book provided.  You do need some extra materials that aren't included in this kit for some of the experiments.


  1. Hi, I was debating between this and the magic school bus version of the magnets kit. I was thinking of this for my kids who are less than the recommended age because of exactly what you said, seems like good quality and the fact that it does seem to include (electro)magnetic field. Would you mind letting us know what materials aren't included, what Zach found interesting? Thanks.

  2. Hi Mimi, I haven't let my son, Zach, play with this yet as he is just turning 2 but my daughter Katie LOVES this kit! What I have pictured is what was included. I think this kit would be much better quality than the Magic School Bus one because from my experience those aren't as good in quality - or at least the ones I've seen.