Friday, August 2, 2013

Homeschool Block Scheduling

There are many ways to do block scheduling:

  • Day-long - this gives you hours to work on one subject and to finish the lessons for the entire week in that one day.  Math on Mondays, language arts on Tues/Wed, history on Thursdays and science on Fridays.
  • Week-long - Do math the first week of the month, language arts the second week, history the third, science the fourth, etc.
  • Month-long - Do math for entire month, then language arts for the next month, history for the 3rd month, science for the 4th month and repeat.
  • Semester-long - Do math and history half the year and then language arts and science the other half of the year.

Block scheduling tends to work better with middle and high school students, but some mature elementary students can have success with this type of scheduling.

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