Tuesday, February 7, 2012

*New 2nd Grade Daily Schedule

We are trying out something new with our schedule and its really a trial to see how it goes.  At the end of the school day when it's time for history or science, we are exhausted.  The thought occurred to me yesterday about doing a history/science day and only doing those subjects on that day.  Since we school 4 days a week right now, I'm going to use the free day for history and science.  This will actually free up time on the other 4 days (1 hour each day!) of schooling.  So shorter days 4 days of week sounds great to me.

We are also adding in Geography/Map Skills because I've found some great lapbooks and material that covers things K hasn't learned yet and not sure when she will learn.  Things like longitude/latitude, directions, etc.

Here is our new schedule:

Reading - 30m morning; 60m evening

Mon, Wed and Friday
Spelling - 40m
Grammar - 10m
Writing - 10m
Cursive - 10m
Math - 40m
Geography/Map Skills - 20m

History - 90m
Science - 90m

Art - 1 hour
Home Economics - 1 hour

Daily (Sun-Sat)
Piano practice -10m
Violin practice - 10m

Husband Helps
Reads classics


  1. Looks good. I had this challenge last year with science and history. It seems we would let it slide or not put much into to it because by the end of the day we were shot. So, I did something similar it worked out much better.

  2. We tried it yesterday doing just history/science (bible and reading of course are daily)..and wow! We loved it and it was actually fun and relaxing to just snuggle and read on the couch for a while and then do the crafts/projects the rest of the school day!