Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mid-1st Grade New Curriculum

We just had an awesome week off of school and the week before that, we finished the following curriculums:
  1. Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading
  2. First Language Lessons 1
  3. Saxon Math 1
  4. Spelling Workout A
  5. All About Spelling Level 1
Now we are beginning some new curriculum:
  1. Rod and Staff English 2
  2. Saxon Math 2
  3. Spelling Workout B
  4. All About Spelling Level 2

K is so excited to start, she couldn't wait till tomorow and is already working in her Spelling Workout book.  I'm excited just because I love the new and fresh feeling when you start something brand new!  We may skip a lot of lessons in Saxon Math 2, simply because the first part of the book is review of Math 1 - they expect you are starting it after having 3 months of summer off.  So I will need to go through it this week and see where we will start.  There is a new meeting book as well but it begins with August, so we will have to work around that as well.


  1. I am interested in what you think about the Guide to Reading book. I have a few books I have been using, the latest is "The Reading Lesson".

  2. I'm getting ready to do a review actually but I highly recommend the OPGTR! It worked wonders with our daughter!