Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All About Spelling Level 2

We absolutely LOVE All About Spelling!  K loves using the magnetic board and I love that she is getting very thorough in her spelling and not going too fast.  We finished Level 1 and are now moving onto Level 2, which looks fun.  There is a "jail" for rule-breakers, along with the word cards, key cards, etc.

If you purchase All About Spelling, please go through my links as I will be compensated for referring you!  You can see what the magnetic tiles look like and find out more detail about how All About Spelling works in my post on Level 1 here: http://www.cambridgeshireacademy.com/2010/02/arrival-of-all-about-spelling.html


  1. Sis, for level 1 did you buy the kit or just level 1?


  2. You have to have both the Basic Interactive Kit and Level 1 . The kit has the letter tiles, magnets, phonogram cd and divider cards. You can get the Deluxe Kit and it has all the basic one does but also has the spelling box, tote and stickers. Then Level 1 has the teacher's manual and student material packet as do the other levels. You only have to buy the basic interactive kit ONE time - it works with all levels and you have to have it.

    All About Spelling is expensive but we love it and I think its one of the most thorough spelling programs out there.