Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Z's 4th Grade Curriculum Plans

Here are the plans for Z's 4th grade year:

Bible - Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Reading - Assigned Book List; Fun Book List & Family Read-aloud
Math - Saxon Math 6/5
Grammar - First Language Lessons 4
Writing - Writing With Ease 3; Writing and Rhetoric Narrative I; Writing Strands 4
Spelling - Spelling Workout F, G & H
Vocabulary - Wordly Wise Book 1
Latin - Latina Christiana I with Roots of English; Ludere Latine; Latin Cursive Copybook 

Greek - Memoria Press' Greek Alphabet
Science - Christian Kids Explore Physics
History - All American History Volume 1
Art - Home Art Studio
Music - Piano lessons - Hoffman Academy

Extras - Archery; Architecture; Woodworking; Chess

Notes on Z progress and curriculum plans:

Z tested into the 7/6 Saxon Math book last fall but I had an uneasiness about skipping 2 math books, and Z cried and said he wanted to do 5/4 and 6/5 books, so we decided to do them.  He rarely misses anything but he is enjoying going through the 5/4 book and should start the 6/5 book soon, so I'm thinking he can finish up the 6/5 and possibly the 7/6 book in 4th grade and start Algebra 1/2 in 5th grade.
He begged to add in Greek, so we are going to be doing Greek along with Latin on different days.  Along with Latina Christiana I, we are doing the coordinating books such as: Roots of English for a beginner's introduction into Latin and Greek roots; Ludere Latine activity book; Latin Cursive Copybook; Rummy roots card games for extra practice of word roots.
He has an amazing ability to understand grammar, so I'm thinking we will need to move on in grammar after the FLL 4 book, possibly starting Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind books mid-4th grade.  
He also has a photographic memory like I did as a child, and has no problems at all with spelling, so he will be finishing up the Spelling Workout books in 4th grade.  We may even start Vocabulary from Classical Roots A book after finishing spelling.
I had added in Wordly Wise books this past year (A, B and C) because Z begged to learn what words mean, so we will be continuing on with those at whatever pace he wants, so I'm guesstimating we will do Books 1 and possibly start 2.
He writes fiction on his own in his spare time, so I just let him fill up small books of his stories but we also do Writing With Ease because he loves hearing all the excerpts from the books, but he doesn't need much help with dictation as he can hold sentences in his mind easily, so I may not do the dictation parts of all of WWE 3.  We are loosely mixing in lessons from Writing and Rhetoric: Narrative I and also doing Writing Strands 4 (original version).

I flesh out the Christian Kids Explore books pretty extensively with other books, videos, experiments, kits, etc.

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