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Friday, January 16, 2015

5th Grade History and Literature Read-Aloud List

Some of these are family read-a-louds and some are extra independent reading for K that pertain to what she is studying in history.  They are either factual books or literature.

*These books go along with Story of the World Volume 4

  1.  The Visual Dictionary of the Civil War - DK
  2.  Life in the West - True book
  3.  Wild West - DK
  4.  Korean Children's Favorite Stories - Kim
  5.  Wagon Train: A Family Goes West in 1865 - Wright
  6.  World War I - DK
  7.  The Great Migration: An American Story - Lawrence
  8.  Theodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous President - TIME
  9.  Kids During the Great Depression - Wroble
  10.  The 1900s Decade in Photos - Corrigan
  11.  Stubby the War Dog - Bausum
  12.  Old Yeller - Gipson
  13.  Who is Anne Frank - Abramson

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