Friday, June 13, 2014

5th Grade Curriculum for Logic Stage

I finally finished planning out our 5th grade year and this is the year we start the logic stage of classical education.  There are few new subjects - Logic and Spanish, so I decided to use DVD programs for this to ease into the extra work.  I will do a more detailed post of each subject when we get the materials!

The only subject I'm teaching is Bible!  I will be helping her with history and science if she needs it but for the most part, she will be on her own this year.

*I've updated this since posting with some changes.

Bible - Memoria Press Christian Studies II

Logic - Critical Thinking Company Building Thinking Skills 2 Software

Math - Saxon 6/5 with Saxon Teacher

Language Arts
     Reading - Well Trained Mind book list
     English - Rod and Staff English 5
     Spelling - All About Spelling 6 & 7

Foreign Language
     Latin - Latina Christiana I with DVD teacher
     Spanish - La Clase Divertida 1

History - Story of the World 4 & State history

Science - Elemental Science Physics
     Art - Home Art Studio DVDs; Artistic Pursuits
     Music - Story of the Orchestra; Composer Studies; Beethoven Who
     Home Economics - Pearables Home Economics

You may be wondering where writing is, well according to the recommendations in The Well Trained Mind, if you are doing Rod and Staff English, you don't need an additional writing curriculum as it teaches writing (outlining, paragraphs, etc.).  K will also be writing across the curriculum with her own narrations in literature, history and science.


  1. Hi, how are you scheduling both All About Spelling and Spelling Workout? I also want to use both Spelling Workout and Spelling Power in my homeschool but I'm not sure how to do it without overwhelming my daughter. Also, how do you go about completing two Spelling Workout levels in one year? I would like to do that as well since we have not used SW from the beginning and we're behind according to the recommendations in The Well Trained Mind (which we follow fairly closely and we love)? Any tips on schedule two programs would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Stlilymov4 - Right now we are actually just concentrating on finishing up All About Spelling because doing both of them was really wearing us out! However, when we did do both - we had 2 days of Spelling Workout and 2 days of All About Spelling and then had a day of testing the words with Spelling City online (free). I think Spelling City is what really helped me do both because I didn't have to spend time giving the spelling tests.

    We are going to return to Spelling Workout when she completes AAS. We plan on doing Spelling Workout 5 days a week and that is how we can complete 2 or maybe even 3 in a year. There is the pretest and then the workbook work, then a test. We do those 3 steps in just 2 days like this:

    Day 1 - Pretest & Workbook pages
    Day 2 - Test; Pretest new lesson & workbook pages
    Day 3 - Test; Pretest new lesson & workbook pages
    Day 4 - repeat
    Day 5 - trouble word review

    This has us completing 3 lessons a week and there are only 36 in one book, so you can see how fast you can go through one. We keep a trouble words list going on Spelling City of the words she is having trouble with and she spends a whole day practicing those until she gets them.

    Hope that helps! ;-)