Thursday, May 15, 2014

Homeschool Room Re-Do

I spent several hours going through books, games and other miscellaneous things yesterday in the homeschool/dining room.  It doesn't look like it but believe me, I cleared out a lot of things to sell or give away.  I also added in some Scholastic books that before had no home.  Then, I moved most of the educational games to the small bookshelf to make space on the large bookshelf for books.  We have a shelf full of history-related books, a shelf full of science-related books and a half-shelf with books on math, geography and other subjects.

*Pictures unavailable

I also left open shelves for our new curriculum that we will be ordering soon for 5th grade.  I moved a lot of curriculum and books around and dusted everything from top to bottom!!  I have yet to finish my file cabinet because my emergency surgeries came while I was in the midst of that.  However, I did get one drawers almost completed.

I also combined a lot of the card games and very small games into a bucket.  This helps my son not get to them and helps them be contained.  I took the math and science miscellaneous items that were small and put them in the black/white chevron bin.  I organized various small workbook-style books into the white file bins.  I still have odds and ends to do - like go through and file papers, grade papers, etc.

The white cabinet is in the hallway area between the living room and homeschool/dining room.  I also redid it, threw out some things, organized some more things and moved some things out of it onto the black shelves.  It contains mostly supplies - tacks, tape, glue, stapler, bookmarks, etc.  We have another white cabinet in a closet that contains more craft supplies like construction paper, foam, pompoms, etc. but it isn't pictured here because it is not part of this room.

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