Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scholastic Book Order #1

In case you didn't know, you can join Scholastic as a homeschooler and order from their teacher shop or Book Clubs every month and earn points. We earned a lot of free books in this order.

I did a slideshow of the books and/or kits that had items inside so you could see all that came with them.  Then, below this is a video of all the books.

Here is a video of all the books:

Here are the books that we got FREE with the buy $20 get $20 and with points:

Civil War Kit
Honest Abe's Guide to Elections
Lincoln and Grace
Louisiana Purchase
DK Aztec, Inca and Maya
Great Explorers
National Geographic Kids Atlas
American Poetry for Children
Usborne Illustrated Elementary Math Dictionary


  1. Oh thanks for the insightful post! You picked up some great looking books. Can you post a link to the site?

  2. You go to Scholastic Book Clubs and set up a teacher account. It did take a few days for mine to be approved.

  3. Here is the link: