Friday, August 26, 2011

HSE Magazine - Awesome Quotes

I received 2 free issues of Home School Enrichment magazine and I really have loved the articles so far.  The first issue, had an awesome article called: "Homeschooling: An Offensive Lifestyle."  It talks of what most homeschoolers have learned after their first year, that just setting a standard offends and homeschooling seems to upset a lot of people.  Some quotes from the article that I highlighted:

"Families are homeschooling because of biblical conviction, but judging by the amount of criticism they receive, one would think they have purposely set out to destroy the lives of their children!"

She also responds to a common sarcasm that homeschoolers get and which I have gotten myself that question how my child will learn how to live in the "real world?"

"The objective in Christian homeschooling is not to teach children how to "deal with the real world."  I do not want to teach my children how to merely survive this life.  As believers in Christ, we are called to be overcomers!"

Then, in another article in the same issue, I came across "Sacrifices and Homeschooling: Dispelling Myth #2: "I Could Never Do That."  Here are some quotes from that article:

"...people aren't willing to make the personal sacrifices that homeschooling requires."

"Homeschooling takes time, something many parents are not willing to give their children - not to the extent that home education requires."

She goes on to talk about how some mothers can't wait to get rid of their children when school starts up again and gives a reason for these types of mothers:

".....putting their children in school means the parents are getting their personal time back.  School is free day care so they can pursue their interests."

How true!  Since when is it the state's job to watch your kid all day and educate them?  God sure didn't give them that right, he told the parents they are responsible but anyway, I'm getting off track here lol.  =0

What would make a mother not want her child to the point that she can't wait to get the child out of her hair, so to speak?  The author points out the obvious, lack of parenting has created a disobedient child that no mother would want to be around:

"Since neither the parents nor the children are very happy, why would these parents want to have the kids at home with them during the day?  After-school hours are unpleasant enough!"

"These parents have already lost the hearts of their children.  It's sad to say, but ultimately, they don't even like their own children anymore.  They don't enjoy spending time with them, and they long for someone else to watch them so they don't have to.  Why?  Because their relationship is a battleground........the respect for the parent is no more."

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