Sunday, November 14, 2010

From the Dean of Cambridgeshire Academy....

I woke up to this on the homeschool board this morning from hubby and cried!  It was such an encouragement to me:

To the beautiful ladies of Cambridgeshire Academy,
    I am very proud of your efforts you have both displayed in this school.  Remember; this school was founded with the fullest intentions of providing an education based on the fundamental principles that our God has taught us in His word.   Take to heart the great blessing it is that we can educate our children in our home – with no watering-down of the Gospel.  We experience no assault on the foundation of Christ in this home.  Should it come to that – that foundation will not yield – nor will we.
    I cherish you both.  When I hear the laughter in this room during school time, or the simple instructions being read, or the irreplaceable bond between mother and daughter that touches my soul – I know in my heart that my home is not just my castle – but it is the focal point in which I learn what is truly important in being your provider, your father, your man.  Thank you for teaching me, without opening a book.
With Love,

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