Thursday, July 1, 2010

God - Is He Irrelevant to Your Child's Education?

Beck asks how did all this happen?  I can answer that - it is when they took God OUT of the schools and began to count him IRRELEVANT to education.  He just doesn't matter between the hours of 7-2 to some parents does he?  I mean taking God out of education was not ENOUGH for some, why would taking the pledge away or the flag bother them either? 

If you don't have much time to watch the whole video, make sure to check out at around 12 minutes to see how SAT scores went down after they took God out of schools and how premarital sex went UP afterwards as well.  


  1. i dont have my computer speakers set up yet so i will have to check this out later. were deciding if its time to buy a new computer (considering a mac)..
    but anyway, i know this is so sad that people no longer want our Great and Mighty Heavenly Father in their schools, homes or anywhere. Shows that He is the real and only God otherwise why would people hate Him so much. They dont pick on or hate all those fake and muslims "gods" infact they are building more and more muslim schools in north america!!! but, everyone has a issue with the REAL and only God, our Holy God. And one day soon they will all be in for a huge wake up when their left behind sadly.

  2. A mac is an awesome choice, I used to be a mac girl but I'm really loving Windows 7 the past few months! ;-)

    The vid was talking about how "diversity" and the flag/pledge don't go together. We can't force kids to say the pledge - excuse me!? So ya, sad that God just isn't important enough that they exclude Him from education and the main part of the day 'eh?