Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free "America; The Story of Us" DVD - 12 Hours

This is open to homeschoolers!  I already signed up for ours, you simply fill out the required parts of the form to get yours here:

There is also a free teacher's packet here:

You can see 2 full episodes online now here:

Disclaimer: As I haven't watched it yet, I can't say how correct it is or how biased. If the intro by Obama is any indication - I'm kind of wary of it, but we will see how it tells our history.  The reviews indicate a big lean towards the leftist view and since it is seasoned with many Hollywood actors telling their thoughts, I would imagine it wouldn't be based on the REAL history of our country that began with God.  Although, I'm hoping there a few gems in the midst of it somewhere.  I will screen it most likely and then choose the parts I agree with for my daughter's viewing. 

Thanks to Freely Educate for the info.


  1. yeah it would be interesting to see how left the views are..

  2. Thanks. We've been watching it through the internet and have really enjoyed it so far. We've only gotten to the Great Depression and so far it's fine.