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Thursday, September 19, 2019

11-Day Road Trip - 10 States!

We had the time of our lives on our 11-day road trip across 10 states!  We all learned a lot and experienced a lot and we plan on returning to New Mexico again in the future, probably our favorite place by far.  We started our trek in Ohio and traveled to these states in our loop:

New Mexico

Our main stop was New Mexico, we did the most there and then we did a couple of days in Colorado Springs.  We purchased an American the Beautiful National Parks pass for $80 and didn't have to pay admission or park entrance vehicle fees for any of the parks and it lasts for a year, so definitely worth getting!  We traveled 4,300 miles on this trip and gas only cost $370 for our Dodge Van rental, I'd say that's pretty awesome.

Here are some slideshows of things we did, I don't know why Photobucket shows the blue headline about media press - just ignore!

New Mexico - Carlsbad (Caverns), Sante Fe, Alamogordo, Placitas, Bernalillo, etc.



  1. That is a lot of travel in such a short time. It looks like your family had a wonderful adventure.

    1. It was exhausting on the way home the most! We spent several days in New Mexico and that was the best part of the trip. If we ever get to go back, we are going to fly to New Mexico lol. Thanks for the comment Beth, hope you are doing well. :)