Thursday, January 31, 2019

FREE Homeschool Graphic Design Course

My daughter has been pursuing graphic design and we recently got her a graphic artist pad.  I was looking for a course on Graphic Design for homeschoolers and found one that is essentially free if you follow these steps:

Go here to sign up for a free trial of PureFlix and you will get a 3-month, free trial to  Then, once you sign up there, you can download the Graphic Design course for free!  It retails online elsewhere for $35, so this a great deal!

Schoolhouse Teachers also has tons of courses from Preschool-12th grade!  I used to have it years ago and actually forgot about it.  Now, it has a lot more courses that look great.  Well worth the 3-month free trial!

You also get free access to World Book through Schoolhouse Teachers and a lot more.  I was glad to have come across this and we enjoy Pure Flix too, so its a great deal all around for homeschoolers!

*After the 3-month trial, if you want to sign up for Schoolhouse Teachers, you get a discount if you are an HSLDA member!

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