Friday, March 2, 2012

A Day in the Life........

This is a day in the life of me, although my wake and sleep times vary.  Sometimes I wake up early, later or really late.  My normal waking time is 8-9am, though on this morning I just happened to wake up before my alarm at 5am because we went to bed early the night before.  However, my day and what I do is pretty much the same - homeschooling, homekeeping and sometimes exercise.

5 - Woke up and couldn't fall back asleep so decided to start the day early.  Grabbed my Kindle Fire by the bed and checked the morning news, email and my reader.

525 - Make breakfast and eat with hubby

6 - Read Bible and pray and watch the sun come up

635 - Katie wakes up early, she couldn't fall back asleep either, so we watch the sun come up together, snuggling on the couch.  Then Katie has her breakfast.

645 - Music; I play the piano and then Katie does her violin and piano practice

7 - We sing songs to the Lord from Wee Sing and pray before starting homeschool

710 - Katie reads her Bible while I check a pile of math papers that I've been putting off.

730 - We do history, which today is map work and a test

750 - Katie does her cursive and I spend time on my Kindle; We both get a light snack, Katie opts for yogurt and I get a banana

805 - Katie starts her morning reading session, today she is reading "Yo Vikings" which is a funny book that teaches about the Vikings.  I'm still on my Kindle......

820 - I'm back to checking math pages

835 - I finish grading math; Katie is enjoying the "Yo Vikings" book so much, I let her finish the book

845 - We start math with a 5-minute 100 fact sheet

850 - I look outside and see snow; Break-time to go run around the yard in the snow.

900 - Back to math; Katie starts her math meeting and then I teach the math lesson

915 - Writing - today we are doing a story, question/answer and narration

925 - Grammar - we do the lesson and then Katie works on her poem book

950 - Spelling test of Katie's trouble words and a new list of 20 words

1010 - Time for Katie's favorite - All About Spelling!  We do it on the floor.

1035 - I finish my part of homeschooling while Katie begins her independent work which today is spelling workbook, copywork and math worksheet.

1050 - I make lunch; we eat lunch at 11 and I make phone calls, check the mail and run some errands.

1220 - Trying out my new Kindle pens I got in the mail, love them!

1230 - Rest on the couch and read "Help for the Harried Homeschooler" on my Kindle while Katie starts her 2-hour quiet time.

115 - Exercise - I do 15 minutes of cardio dancing and then 10 minutes on my exercise bike followed up with cool down and stretching for a total of 30 minutes.

145 - I have my after-workout snack of pb and chia seeds and rest and make some phone calls

200 - I decide I neglected my blog for long enough so take some time to blog and browse the internet

240 - Katie's quiet time is over; We do chores and today that is: dishes, sweep the kitchen/laundry room/bathroom, straighten the house and clear the table.  Katie does the sweeping of the kitchen and emptying trash.

345 - Start bread, by 405 it is in the oven to rise for an hour and I take this time to get ready for the evening

440 - I bought some organic chicken legs as a treat, as we don't normally eat meat during the week, so I cook the chicken and start some brown rice and vegetables cooking.

550 - Dinnertime at the table as a family.  Tonight we have a history game we are playing from Story of the World 2 - it is trivia but in the form of a game it helps Katie learn while having fun.

620 - I browse through some store ads to see what is on sale this week while Katie does her evening reading.

630 - Throw a load of laundry in the wash

645 - Iron clothes for our evening activities

7-840 - Evening activities: this varies each night with church, family night, etc.  Tonight it is church.

850 - After church, put laundry in dryer and then Katie and I spend some fun-time together playing the Oregon Trail

930 - Snack, spend time with hubby, lay down and read and relax until I get sleepy


graciegirl said...

Thanks for giving us an insight to your homeschooling day! That bread looks so yummy- got a recipe?

Bev said...

I use this recipe:

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